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Replace boiler & custom fit  a Toilet

under the stairs.

Joel came to the rescue when we were desperately trying to get our father out of hospital & back home to recover from a long term illness, The boiler had packed up & we needed to get a toilet on the ground level. After having several people come round & do the sharp intake of breath & then “this is going to be pricey and take at least 6 days to sort” Joel turned up & immediately realised all was not lost the broken boiler would be removed (it was under the stairs) with a new one being installed in the kitchen leaving space for a macerating that could be plumbed in to the existing pipe work under the floor boards. 2 days later all is done no evidence that major works had taken place. The day before our Father came home we noticed a leak coming from the bathroom upstairs (nothing to do with works undertaken just bad luck for us)  A phone call to Joel & he was round leaked identified & fixed. Father home to recuperate Thanks Joel were forever grateful for the work you’ve done Jaq Sue & Brian  Da13

Replace Boiler & Radiators

Jesse & Joel came by way of a recommendation as they were just starting out on their own we decided to give the opportunity to quote for a Boiler replace & 12 Radiators. Jesse turned up on time & within 5 minutes of listening to what he had to say we were confident the correct choice had been made. After a quick look around our property Jesse to some pictures & went away to price up the options. The quote came back with varying options on Boiler makes & capacities more importantly the pricing was transparent. After a few questions over the phone Jesse recommended we seek other quotes to ensure we were comfortable with the recommendations.  Joel  came in on a budget we were comfortable with & completed the work to a very high standard Thanks again for all your hard work Phil & Joan D DA14

Service Boiler

Hi I Just wanted to drop you guys a quick email to say thanks for sorting the boiler so quickly  I appreciate theirs not much life left in it & it was nice to see someone with pride in their work . Thanks also for the recommendations on what boiler to look for in the future. Rest assured I’ll be calling Joel to Replace  the old boiler many thanks Simon  R Sidcup